Emily Cain has made her tax returns public. Why won’t Congressman Bruce Poliquin release his tax returns? Is there something he wants to hide? Does Poliquin have a conflict of interest? Or would Mainers learn that the tax loophole Poliquin used to game the system so he could pay less in property tax on his oceanfront home isn’t his only shame?

Are there more than the 41 times we know about that he’s been late paying his taxes? Why are the tax rules different for Poliquin than they are for the rest of us?

Poliquin’s refusal to be transparent on his taxes, combined with his disregard for due dates and his shameful loophole scam, show how out of touch he is with the people of Maine. Bruce Poliquin looks out for Bruce Poliquin — not the hard-working, middle-class families of regular Mainers.

Charles Durham


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