As register of probate for over 20 years I am writing in support Libby Mitchell for judge of probate.

Kennebec County is unique; with Togus and Riverview, the caseload is very diverse. Libby understands the challenges here with veterans and the mentally ill.

She understands that protecting our elderly from financial and physical exploitation is of utmost importance.

In estate and family matters, her skill and experience as a mediator will serve families in Kennebec County well.

She is the only attorney in this race who is a guardian ad litem and understands the complicated parental rights and guardianship issues that are at the heart of protecting children.

She understands how difficult and important this job is because she has lived it and intends to continue the high standards, kindness and caring that is the legacy of Judge James Mitchell.

Please elect the best person for the job, Libby Mitchell.

Kathleen Ayers

West Gardiner

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