I see another Mike Thibodeau campaign mailer is being economical with the truth. This particular card asks us to thank Sen. Thibodeau, R-Winterport, for his “vote to support Maine Made products.”

This bill would have required the state to award construction contracts and buy Maine-made products first, before going shopping out of state or even overseas. There is a notation of the bill number (L.D. 1525) and the number and date of the roll call in which Thibodeau voted for it (roll call #594; April 5, 2016).

What the card fails to mention is that three days later our senator voted against the bill and the bill did not pass. This would have been an excellent opportunity to promote job growth and Maine’s economy, and yet, just like the solar bill, our senator chose to vote to kill it.

So, sorry, I won’t be calling Thibodeau to thank him for his vote.

Steve Rinker


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