Maine citizens are losing control of our election process to out-of-state individuals and political activists. Referendums have left the back door wide open to influencing our elections with devious, misleading and outright lies.

A TV ad by “votevets” really disturbed me. It accused Congressman Bruce Poliquin of not supporting vets. In 2013, Poliquin learned of a World War II Battle of the Bulge survivor at age 90 who lost his wife and his health was poor and he was really down and out. Poliquin met with this vet in person and stayed in touch and supported this wonderful old vet until he passed away. I have a photo of this vet with Poliquin — I would love to show it to Don Edwards, the cruel speaker in that TV ad.

Shame on Edwards — he owes that vet and Poliquin an apology.

Carlton Pratt


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