Stephen Colbert said of the 2016 presidential race: “It’s not the lesser of two evils; it’s the evil of two lessers.” Hillary claims 25 years of experience and you have to know that during the eight years of Bill’s presidency she had seen classified material and received indoctrination on the handling of classified materials, and the same goes for her terms as senator. But when she gets caught she is only chastised for not being smart enough to handle classified information. You can’t have it both ways. I’ve read that most of the FBI agents who worked on her emails and her private server were convinced she was going to be indicted. When she wasn’t they were stunned that the agency was no longer independent of politics.

Recall when Bill was president the pundits called it the Billary years because it was felt she had input to Bill’s presidential decisions. Now if Hillary is president the pundits will have a field day with the HillBilly administration.

In my estimation she is way too paranoid to be president. Again, during the Billary years she felt the Republicans were out to get her and her husband, then it was the media who were out to get the them, then it was military that was out to get them.

Hillary should have been indicted. Trump is not what we need. You have the right to a write-in vote for president.

Fred Drew

West Gardiner

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