As a voter for 50-plus years, I wish someone could explain to me how Donald Trump became the Republican presidential nominee.

Trump has been around 30-plus years and has a reputation of unethical behavior. His supporters appear to be angry older men who think Trump will again entitle them and millennials who trust effectively anonymous social media to feed them their “facts.”

After reading about Trump and watching the presidential debates it is clear to me that he has no humility, ethics or respect for women.

As a woman who has been proud and inspired by the last 50 years of social progress I am now appalled and fearful that all will regress.

Trumps abuse of women frightens me. His shady business practices and Russian connections cause me to distrust him. His refusal to honestly divulge his personal taxes convinces me he is cheating. His inability to answer any question about government policy shows his ignorance.

I hope voters will reject both this unfit presidential candidate and his congressional supporters, and I am personally voting for Hillary Clinton and Chellie Pingree.

Patricia Connors


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