How does marijuana really affect you? Many will say it doesn’t, and if they do they are not really being truthful.

Marijuana makes it difficult to maintain attention, tends to slow the decision-making process, reduces peripheral/side vision and coordination, and makes it harder to stay in a traffic lane, react and judge distance.

It takes six to eight hours to wear off, depending on how much one has smoked or ingested.

Is this any different than driving under the influence of alcohol? How are the police going to determine when stopping a person weaving in the road, speeding, going into the ditch if they have been using marijuana? It is no different than using alcohol, just a different name with the same results.

How much is too much to drive? A whole new set of laws are missing and need to be on the books before legalizing pot.

Please think about this before voting yes to legalizing marijuana, and please vote no on Question 1.

Norman L. Mitchell Sr.


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