The Republican Party has mostly devolved into a petulant clique of elites and malcontents who blame and complain about all who disagree with their agendas. Republican Senate leaders are obstructionists, too many Republican lawmakers are extremists and act like a gang versus an inclusive political party. Support for a despicable conman is simply pathetic. Democrats are more inclusive, show real empathy and can compromise anytime Republicans decide to care about all Americans instead of just their puppetmaster’s narrow for-me agendas.

America is a great country and whoever says otherwise is wrong. Compromise is a good thing, as is inclusiveness, opportunity and hope. When we work together for improvements to our laws, we will all realize more progress. We are swimming in a melting pot where each of us chooses to behave either like caring adults who strive for improvements or as part of a selfish clique. Please vote Democrat or Independent until the Republican Party cares to be more inclusive.

Dennis M. St. Jean


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