AUGUSTA — A 41-year-old Windsor woman pleaded guilty Monday to stealing thousands of dollars from the Circle K convenience store in Winthrop over a three-month period.

At a hearing at the Capital Judicial Center, Kellie J. Sutter-Arbour, 41, admitted taking the money between Nov. 12, 2015, and Jan. 9, 2016, when she was an assistant manager.

“Basically she was processing false returns,” said Alisa Ross, an assistant district attorney.

Ross said all the transactions — estimated at about 50 —were captured on videotape and totaled more than $10,000 in cash.

She described one in particular, saying that Sutter-Arbour processed a return of $50 in groceries “when that transaction in fact never happened.” Ross said Sutter-Arbour pocketed the cash.

The store managers discovered the theft, Ross said, adding that when Sutter-Arbour was questioned by Winthrop Police Detective Peter Struck, she admitted taking the money to pay bills.


Sherry Tash, the attorney for Sutter-Arbour, said the defense disputed the amount of money stolen.

“I actually think it’s closer to about $5,000,” Tash told the judge, adding that Sutter-Arbour believed it was between $6,000 and $8,000.

Ross said the joint recommendation was to set a sentencing date in three months to allow Sutter-Arbour to pay restitution.

Under the agreement, if Sutter-Arbour pays about $2,000 within the next three months, the sentence will be an initial 90 days in jail with the remainder of the two-year sentence suspended and two years’ probation. Other conditions would ban her from being at the Circle K and require psychological counseling.

If Sutter-Arbour is unsuccessful, Ross told the judge the state will ask for Sutter-Arbour to serve an initial six months in jail with the remainder of a three-year sentence suspended and two years’ probation. The same conditions would apply.

“During these three months, we will try to come to some agreement on restitution,” Tash said. She said that could be done by viewing all the tapes.


In the meantime, Sutter-Arbour remains free on bail.

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