What with Trumpian noise, we can miss that strong, intelligent women are running, including in Maine and here in District 76.

Hillary Clinton is a fighter. She will need all her fighting spirit to contend with those in Congress intent on obstructing any Democratic agenda.

Electing Emily Cain in our 2nd Congressional District can help. Emily will fight for Social Security, defend Maine jobs, and support progressive measures. Unlike her opponent, Emily has had the courage to take positions on all the ballot questions. The incumbent is for popular things, but mostly has voted with his party’s obstructionism.

In District 76, Jill Ducharme brings a career helping communities’ economic development, and strong commitments to seniors, education and our environment. The incumbent’s mediocre party-line record, particularly on the environment, stands in contrast. Jill’s election would be a real step toward thoughtful, across-the-aisle legislating.

Pat Onion


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