The Capitol Leadership Political Action Committee just put out a deceptive mailer supporting Mike Thibodeau and attacking Jonathan Fulford. Let us be clear — unlike Mike Thibodeau, who controls several PACs for his campaign, as a Clean Elections candidate, Jonathan Fulford is forbidden from raising or receiving any money other than what is granted through the Clean Elections system. No outside group can contribute to his campaign directly and he is forbidden by law to so much as communicate with any group like a PAC.

The pro-Thibodeau Capitol Leadership PAC’s list of donors includes Big Pharma like Merck, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson; big banks like Bank of America; alcohol companies; big Augusta lobbying firms; Big Energy; and wealthy individuals. The PAC’s treasurer is a lobbyist for one of the biggest lobbying/law firms in Augusta.

Jonathan Fulford is an honest candidate and runs a clean campaign.

Miriam Watkins


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