I urge voters to endorse Question 2, which requires households to pay an additional 3 percent tax on earnings over $200,000. This revenue is specifically directed toward education expenses. so this proposal aims to provide real tax relief to Maine property owners.

Since 2005, Maine statutes require the state government to pay 55 percent of education costs. The state has never met this requirement. As a result , property taxpayers have shouldered an unfair burden of necessary school expenses.

Question 2 is a direct countermeasure to Gov. LePage’s record tax cuts since 2011, which have primarily benefited the rich. As a result of these tax cuts, municipalities have been forced to raise property taxes in order to meet their budgets.

A 3 percent tax on households earning over $200,000 will finally result in the state meeting its 55 percent obligation and property owners gaining significant tax relief.

John O’Donnell


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