I just got a mailer in favor of Sen. Mike Thibodeau that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are the facts: Jonathan Fulford is a Clean Election candidate. He is funded by small donations and the Clean Election fund. He does not accept special interest money nor control any political action committees and has asked independent groups not to spend in his election.

Thibodeau is an officer on three political action committees and controls nearly a half a million dollars for 2016 election spending. In addition, he has his powerful allies gunning for him. The flyer I received was outright deceptive and funded by wealthy donors and big real estate interests.

Fulford will fight in Augusta to get money out of politics and bring transparency to government. Thibodeau has been in state government for years and has never done anything meaningful to get money out of politics. Fulford has my vote.

Lauren Murray


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