I am appalled by how relentlessly disingenuous columnist Alan Caron is when dealing with political issues.

Earlier this year he claimed that conservatives were close-minded on the issue of police brutality, when in reality it is the liberals who always side against the police, even in cases where the evidence has exonerated law enforcement.

Then he claimed that the Democrats had a better-run convention than the Republicans, despite the Democrat’s chairwoman resigning, their delegate walkouts, and their nominee and speaker getting booed. (In contrast, the GOP booed someone for not endorsing the nominee). The Democrats did have more unity amongst the party leaders and bigwigs, which apparently means more to Caron than unity with its rank-and-file.

Then, in his recent column (”Nobody likes a sore loser,” Oct. 23), he calls Trump’s view of America “negative” and Clinton’s “hopeful.”

No, Trump is the one with a positive view of the future of the country. He proposes that the United States concentrate first on taking care of its own people, that we have a future with greatly reduced corruption, that we all come together as Americans first. He wants a foreign policy based on protecting American interests, not on ruling the world. And he does want infrastructure investment.

Clinton views the United States as a racist, bigoted country, whose sins can only be cleansed by a big “get-even” policy pitting people against each other on the basis of race and sex. She sees no value in borders, and sees no reason why America has any special obligations toward its citizens.

Finally, I am annoyed that Caron hypocritically praises Clinton’s desire to “rein in” corporate America, but on trade issues, condemns Trump for the same. We need intelligent commentary, not partisan worship of the status quo.

Michael Jose


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