We’ve all been told by opponents of Questions 3 that if it passes people will not be allowed to loan or sell a gun to a license-carrying brother, daughter, son or grandpa to go hunting, for self-protection or for shooting at an “established shooting range.”

Folks, it just ain’t so.

The naysayers of Question 3 also say that both seller or loaner and recipient will have to pay expensive fees to get a time-consuming background check before the gun can change hands. Even worse, they say, when the hunting or shooting event is all over, even if later in the same day, the whole process has to be done again in reverse, fees and all, in order to transfer the gun back to dad, mom, or kind Uncle Charlie and Aunt Betty.

Well, that isn’t true either.

Question 3 has a whole list of exemptions for selling, giving or loaning guns without requiring those inconvenient background checks, including allowing “family member transfers” and “preventing imminent death or great bodily harm.”

Question 3 does not take away your legal right to own and use a gun. Its purpose is to close the loopholes in already-existing laws to help reduce gun crimes. Period. End of story.

Vote yes on Question 3.

Kip Penney


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