Congressman Bruce Poliquin shares our Maine values — he’s a Mainer. He’s working to help pay down our national debt by supporting a balanced budget constitutional amendment. He understands that Mainers sit at the table and balance their checkbooks every year.

He has the business experience Mainers need in Washington to create and protect Maine jobs. He used that business experience to protect jobs at New Balance, the sea urchin industry, and is fighting to protect jobs for worm and clam harvesters.

While outside groups try to distort CPoliquin’s record on veterans, this veteran knows it is a complete lie. He’s been working non-stop to help our veterans, like extending the ARCH program for five years and just voted to improve the veteran’s crisis line.

It’s absurd anyone would falsify his record, that’s why this veteran is voting for Poliquin Nov. 8.

Tim Russell (USN Ret.)


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