Question 2 sounds deceptively simple. What is not generally known is that if it passes, Maine will have the highest top income tax rate in the country. Is that what we want for future jobs and growth? The “yes” ads say all students will benefit. Of the 230 school districts in Maine, nearly half of them get no money at all, because it is paid out under the current school funding formula, which is flawed, and needs to be fixed. But this continues its problems and does not fix them. Tell our legislators to properly fund teachers, and schools. But do not pass Question 2. It does nothing to help, and in fact hurts the future of Maine.

The “yes” ad says this tax is only fair. In reality there is little fairness about it. The wealthy communities like Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth and Yarmouth get millions, while some poor rural students get no help at all. Question 2 also discriminates against marriage, increasing the tax penalty against hard-working two-income earner families. It discourages women from pursuing successful careers outside of the home as their added income would be adversely taxed.

The “yes” ads are wrong and misleading, written by teachers, paid for by teachers, and benefitting teachers, who may need help from the Legislature, but this is the wrong vehicle as it unfairly spreads the money — not to all children, and not to all teachers.

Donn Gifford


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