As The Skowhegan representative for eight years and current majority leader, Jeff McCabe hears our concerns and works to make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely and go to serving the most vulnerable Mainers. Now Jeff is running for state Senate.

Jeff has submitted bills and I supported those bills to prevent welfare fraud and abuse. He wants to make sure our welfare system acts as a hand up and gives people the resources they need to get back to work. Earlier this year, a McCabe-backed bill banned the purchase of tobacco, liquor, lottery tickets, and other wasteful items with TANF money. The law will create a system to automatically prevent the sale of prohibited items. He has also looked for ways to replace cash benefits with more accountable and targeted vouchers.

McCabe supports requiring people to look for work or receive job training in order to take benefits. The only way off welfare and out of poverty is a good-paying job.

Rep. Stan Short


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