Shame on many of the political candidates. You invaded our homes, our cars, our telephones, newspapers, even our media feeds. The slanderous information you spewed out at us is intolerable. Did you feel better about yourself while you were tearing down an opponent?

The advertisements in television segments, radio and newspapers, for the most part, made statements that were not factual, taken out of context, and blatantly offensive, and frankly made me wonder why you would want to run for a position in government that has so many flaws, per your railings. Our mailboxes are full of flyers, letters and ads that should have kept a couple of paper mills in Maine afloat. Such extravagance! And many just pointed out the “flaws” of the other candidate, not accentuating what you have attained while in the position, or what you want to achieve while you are in office.

Why would you campaign so negatively? You can’t expect to build yourself up by tearing your opponent down.

Paula Beach


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