Why must I sit down to read the local news about my community and state and instead see pictures of dead deer in backs of pickup trucks or other locations on the front page of the local section? Today I quickly turned the page only to find a similar picture inside. I find it very disturbing to open the paper and find pictures of slaughtered animals and don’t understand why those of us who have moral objections to hunting need to be involuntarily exposed to these pictures.

If your paper must print these pictures, could you possibly put them inside the sports pages, or perhaps just limit all of them to one special section during hunting season, so that those of us who do not wish to look at them can know where they are going to be located and can avoid them while reading the paper? I understand that I live in “hunting territory” and am not trying to infringe on others’ rights. I would just like to be able to read the regular news in the paper without having to look at photographs of dead animals that I find disturbing.

Tracey Horton


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