The economic crash of 2008 was a horrible time — thousands of hard-working people lost their homes, jobs and retirement savings. The greed and corruption of our financial systems were out of control. The regulations were minimal.

Obama was elected as a new hope to reverse this travesty. It took awhile, but a series of policies and programs helped to stem the worst economic event since the Great Depression. Still dealing with the aftermath, Obama was re-elected. Instead of rewarding him by allowing him to put forward his full agenda to reduce income inequality through job creation programs; implement financial regulations, such as closing tax havens for wealthy overseas American mega-corporations; and encouraging them to bring jobs back to America, among other initiatives, we gave him a Republican Congress that blocked any of these attempts. Obama never had a chance to fully implement his economic programs for the middle class.

Large American corporations basically sold out American workers by moving jobs abroad and then evading taxes. A person has now been elected who proclaims that he will bring jobs back, but whose record shows that his own manufactured products such as sports jackets and ties are made in China; his shirts are made in Pakistan. Hundreds of “Ivanka” products are made in China.

So does Trump mean he will bring back his off-shore jobs also? What will taxing imports from China really do? No matter how you look at it, Trump may be a political outsider, but he is not a financial outsider. He is a corporate mogul who will re-open the Wall Street flood gates and loosen the corporate tax loopholes to the detriment of the average American once again. We also gave him a Republican Congress, so the damage will be unfettered. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Kathy Moore


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