I believe Gov. Paul LePage is so out of touch with governing — simply gone power-hungry — that it isn’t funny.

We, as the citizens of Maine, have a Constitution. Just read the preamble, There, it states, “We do now ordain ourselves a free and independent state.” Now I am quite sure I know what that means. LePage says he will challenge the marijuana law because he took an oath to uphold federal Law. I don’t believe he did that. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the state of Maine. He works for us, the citizens of Maine, not the feds.

The Supreme Court ruled that states must follow federal law. I believe if any case should be resubmitted and challenged it should be that one because if that is so, why do we pay all these people in Augusta and as well as LePage to write laws if they mean nothing. How could the Supreme Court read those three words “free and independent” and then totally go against them? To me those words could not be any plainer.

Finally, if LePage wants to follow federal law, he should move to Washington, where no one listens to us citizens anyway.

Carroll Cummings


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