Trump’s great America takes us squarely back to the mid 1950s, where the white wage-earning heterosexual man reigned supreme. With Trump’s vision, bullying and intimidation always gets your way, the Ku Klux Klan states its message with few repercussions, women’s reproductive rights are controlled, not by the woman and her doctor, but by nine black-robed Supreme Court justices, and Medicare and many other safety net programs for the poor, disabled and elderly do not exist. McCarthy’s “enemies’ list” hearings dominate the news.

We did have good blue-collar manufacturing jobs, and everyone would love to see them return, but who can afford to prop up failing industries that no longer turn a profit in our country? Restricting trade will have many repercussions that may hurt our pocketbooks much more than retraining people for new industries would. What is the real agenda of the Republicans in Congress? Are their massive tax cuts, primarily benefiting the rich, really an excuse to gut Social Security, Medicare, health care and other safety net programs because there won’t be any money in the Treasury (especially after pouring more money into the military) to fund these programs? Is completely getting rid of the estate tax merely a way to insure that billionaires can pass every penny to their heirs with no contribution to the economy that has largely supported their accumulation of wealth? Is calling Climate Change a hoax merely a way for large corporations to continue to pollute the environment and make as big a profit as possible while fossil fuels are still available?

The Republican base has been purposely poisoned against Hillary Clinton for 30 years, and this year’s email hoax is a continuation of this strategy. Count me as a proud member on Trump’s enemies’ list.

Judy Danielson


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