Just a note to clarify one point in the article about the Thanksgiving project generously funded and supported by the members of St. Michael parish and implemented by the students at St. Michael school, as well as to provide a more accurate picture of the scope of this project (”Students hand out baskets,” Nov. 22).

The article stated that Thanksgiving baskets were handed out to 174 people. While partly correct, in fact, baskets were prepared for 174 needy families, identified in conjunction with the Salvation Army, as well as another 51 families that were independently identified. In all, baskets were prepared to feed more than 500 people, to include incapacitated adults and people struggling financially. Approximately half of the beneficiaries were children.

Having been involved in the screening process, I can say that all who received a basket were deserving. Thank you for your coverage, which I hope helped to maintain awareness of the real problem of hunger and nutrition in our community.

Fernand R. LaRochelle,


(member, Saint Michael Social Justice and Peace Committee)

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