Americans take freedom for granted. They don’t realize how important freedom is. Freedom is a privilege, and not all countries have this amazing feature. Our veterans risked their lives to make America’s future better.

At Cole Land Transportation Museum, I interviewed Harold Small, a Vietnam veteran. It was truly amazing to hear his stories. He was treated terribly when he came home from the war. People would say terrible things to his face on how the United States entered the war, and ask how he could kill and fight in a war that the country didn’t need to get involved in.

Small was in the Navy. He was also a Purple Heart recipient, among other medals. He had millions of metal scraps stuck throughout his body. Small also said that he didn’t get homesick much, and that he didn’t have a wife or kids. I can’t imagine the fear that wives and kids had back at home during their time in service.

Overall this experience was amazing. I had a great time interviewing Small and getting a tour of an incredible museum. When talking to Small, people don’t realize that they are talking to a veteran that risked his life for them. Small risked his life for freedom for the United States, and we need to recognize all veterans, especially Vietnam veterans who weren’t recognized before.

Joe Ardito


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