I find it ironic that so many Democrats in Maine are outraged that Donald Trump won the election. Liberals for most part don’t support controlling of our borders. I wonder how history would be different if the Democrats understood their votes have been watered down because of their own liberal policies.

The number of Electoral College votes each state gets is determined from the U.S. Census, along with other factors. That means if states like Michigan have more undocumented immigrants than Maine, they have more ability to sway the outcome of the presidential election.

As a voter you need to understand even though people aren’t legally able to vote they are counted in the Census and that determines how many members of Congress a state has along with how many Electoral College votes it receives. The results of this election could have been altogether different if we had controlled of our borders. The very fact that undocumented immigrants are in the country in such numbers reduces the power of the voters in a small rural state like Maine, which has a low immigrant population.

John Hopkins


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