The Donald is an anathema, a career conman who smartly used an app that provided psychological analysis for every segment of America. Elites, businesses, and disenfranchised and malcontented voters were told what they wanted to hear and bought this deal artfully conned by a faux Republican.

Trump is still a bad actor, misogynist, and selective racist who has a large ego problem. Challenge the alpha king and you may go to jail, or not, depending on mood and time of day. Sanders is correct about oligarchs, Wall Street and many other issues. Hillary was not the best candidate and Democrats need to open up, as Bernie was.

The dominant two-party system is not producing America’s best, and we desperately need term limits to overcome special interests. Gerrymandering isolates us, ensures red/blue labeling and destroys compromise.

Trump cares about Trump first. Supreme Court choices could affect America badly, ensuring people count less than corporations and women/minorities/our planet are not treated as fairly as they should be.

Decorum obviously is not needed any longer nor a media that questions. President Barack Obama provided all of us with intelligent, fair and dignified leadership while facing extremely biased Republican obstructionism.

We will see the Trump train deal with real adversity soon. We cannot yet appreciate this risky four-year ride that we all have been put on. Here’s hoping we do not experience mechanical failure or crash. Will we become more civilly engaged or disengaged, build more jails/fences/bad attitudes or evolve socially as one America?

Dennis St. Jean


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