What’s the big deal about pot lounges in Maine?

I believe if lounges and bars that sold alcohol had sold marijuana all these years, there would be less crime. I’m not sure how many people that sat and got high for hours, versus drinking for hours, would get in car crashes, go home and beat their spouse, break the law, etc. Let’s just say, it’s more prevalent with alcohol to not act as you would normally. I don’t smoke anymore, nor drink. But I smoked plenty when I was a teenager. I also drank. When I smoked, the last thing I wanted to do was fight or be a jerk or break the law. When I drank, a different story.

All I’m saying is, why not? I won’t partake, but I don’t think marijuana is as dangerous as alcohol, by a long shot. I’m still freaking out that it’s legal. When I smoked in the 1970s, I never dreamed I would see the day.

If you want to oppose anything, oppose alcohol, that’s what causes so much more crime, heartbreak and death.

Deborah Phair


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