The owners of two pit bulls that attacked and killed another dog in August are appealing a judge’s order that the dogs be euthanized.

On Aug. 30, Sharron Carey, 60, of Winslow, was walking her 10-month-old Boston terrier, Fergie Rose, when three dogs got past a set of fences enclosing a yard on Lucille Avenue. Two of the dogs attacked Fergie Rose, wounding Carey as she tried to save it. Fergie Rose died after being taken to Garland Small Animal Hospital.

Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney said she doesn’t see “any possibility” of the appeal succeeding.

“The evidence is extremely strong,” she said on the phone Wednesday. “After a dog has attacked two people and killed another dog, we’re at a place where we have to say enough is enough.”

Maloney said the appeal probably will be decided within a year. The two parties will file briefs and responses and then the court will decide if the case requires oral arguments.

Danielle Jones, who owned the two Staffordshire terriers along with Brandon Ross, asked Judge Eric Walker for a second chance for the dogs during the November civil trial at the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta. She said she is an experienced dog handler and her attorney, Charles T. Ferris, said the owners would be willing to “abide by any order” to keep the dogs alive.

Jones was accused of two civil violations for keeping a dangerous dog and the state was asking for the two dogs to be euthanized.

Walker ordered the euthanization to take place within 30 days and imposed two $250 fines on Jones.

Walker said he found that the two dogs, Bentley and Kole, also were involved in an earlier attack that wounded another dog and Ross, and that the owners knew the dogs were dangerous and were “unable to contain” them.

Jones refused a request for comment Wednesday on the decision to appeal the decision. Her attorney, Ferris, was not immediately available for comment.

The two pit bulls will remain at the Humane Society Waterville Area at the owners’ cost until the case is completed.

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