The Women’s March on Washington announced Monday the celebrity lineup for a massive demonstration to be held the day after the presidential inauguration.

The “Artist Table” will be chaired by America Ferrera, a staunch supporter of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and will include entertainment heavyweights such as actress Patricia Arquette, who used her time at the Oscars podium last year to advocate for pay equality; entertainer Cher, who once compared President-elect Donald Trump to Godzilla; singer Katy Perry, who campaigned vigorously for Clinton; and Scarlett Johansson, Amy Schumer, Olivia Wilde and more A-list women.

Since the 2016 election, said Ferrera, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention last summer, “so many fear that their voices will go unheard.”

“As artists, women, and most importantly dedicated Americans, it is critical that we stand together in solidarity for the protection, dignity and rights of our communities,” continued Ferrera.

In a statement Johansson, also a Clinton supporter, spelled out her reasons for participating in the protest: “I am marching on Washington to let our next president know that we, men and women alike, will not stand down or be silenced and will fight to protect our bodies and our choices.”

According to a news release, more than 100,000 are expected to attend the march, which will begin at 10 a.m. Jan. 21 on the National Mall.