I often find myself at odds with the opinions that I find expressed in your editorials. However, I find myself in complete agreement with your submission of Jan. 4, entitled “Maine shouldn’t cave on federal Real ID law.”

The intrusion into our lives and collection of personal information by all levels of government, but particularly by the federal level, is very disconcerting. This is not a partisan issue, as both political parties are guilty of committing these egregious acts. I do not in any way understand why government needs to glean personal and financial information on its citizens to somehow prove that they are indeed citizens of this country.

I would suggest that virtually everyone living in this country today has some record of their birth, naturalization, or legal documentation as to that persons legal right to be here. Any information beyond that should be unnecessary for securing national security.

Like you, I urge all residents of the state of Maine who value their right to privacy to contact their legislators and respectfully urge them to reject Sen. Diamond’s proposed legislation. Also I would suggest that we all contact our federal congressional members and request changes to the ID law that would make it less intrusive and onerous.

David Small