As an honorary life member of Payson Tucker Hose Company, I would like to publicly thank the majority members of the Winthrop Town Council for the foresight to vote to go out to bid on the new fire station. As a 12-year-old I worked with my father and other department members painting the inside of the new fire station in 1947 and remember well the talk that this would last a half century.

Farmington built an almost identical fire station (same architect) the same year and with the advent of the new larger and more versatile fire trucks replaced their station 25 years ago.

Winthrop is long overdue as the Main Street station has little off-street parking, isn’t handicap accessible, too small to safety house the equipment and when fire trucks are parked on the apron out front encroach on the travel lane of Main Street. It appears that with the current funding situation, as favorable as it is, it would be inexcusable to not move ahead into the 21st century.

Albert L. Godfrey Sr.


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