Last weekend, America’s ugly political division was exposed to the entire world.

Unfortunately there was no display of unity, no attempt to come together for the sake of our country. Instead, led by a bunch of poor losers and a biased media, a full-blown attempt to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump was launched. An impressive presidential inaugural, full of pomp and circumstance and fitting patriotism, was essentially spoiled the next day by an unnecessary protest in many parts of the country. The election is over. Donald J. Trump is now our new president, the 45th in our nation’s history. Instead of respect for the office, through the liberal lens of the media the legitimacy of Trump’s election is being questioned, solely for selfish political reasons.

In nothing less than an example of reverse racism, a civil rights icon, Congressman John Lewis led the charge. He was joined by 69 fellow Democrats in Congress in boycotting Trump’s inauguration. Instead of honoring the age-old peaceful transition of power, the disloyal opposition dropped the gauntlet for deeper division rather than purposeful solidarity for the good of our country.

Things are tenuous because of those unwilling to even give the new president a chance. Progressives and their causes are hell-bent on destroying the man elected our president before he can even get started. Make no mistake about it — we are poised at the edge of a nasty precipice. And it is uncalled for.

A recent op-ed piece from the Dallas Morning News was extremely revealing. Statistics, previously unexplored, highlighted an enormous spread in votes for Trump, as much as a 30 to 70 percent margins in many of the 2,600 counties he won, out of 3,141 in the U.S. The new president won 33 of 50 states and the Electoral College, 306-232. Middle America elected Donald Trump, while the largest urban areas of the liberal West and East coasts clung to Clinton.

Trumps’ victory came from strong support of voters over 45 and millions of middle-income workers throughout the nation’s Rust Belt disadvantaged by a stagnant economy. We mention these facts and statistics generally ignored by the press, still stunned by the defeat of their favorite, Hillary Clinton, because they underscore Trump’s contention that it is a movement that won. Trump haters remain in complete denial.

This was indeed a spectacular wave election that swept the new president into office. People were not voting for party; they were voting for real change, frustrated by a political system bereft of any meaningful efforts to solve our problems and to improve the lives of millions of Americans,

Now the real challenge begins. Can Trump deliver on his promises to make America great again, or will the unhappy losers, supported sympathetically by many in the media, manage to cost us what may be our country’s last chance to right the ship of state and preserve the world’s greatest democracy?

This is a prideful but divided country. For decades now the U.S. has spiraled downward from a strong, moral society into a weaker, more dependent one, facing great threats at home and abroad. President Trump, with all his personal flaws, is now America’s best hope for a new beginning.

There is nothing wrong or fearful about a new president who declares that from now on it will be “America First.” That is why Trump was elected, to bring jobs and a strong economy back to our shores, to protect our borders and defend our country against foreign threats with the best military possible, and to reset our moral compass for religious freedom and equal justice for all.

Trump’s cabinet appointments of experienced, honored military men and great business people have been outstanding. We are about to see a real test of capitalism. An administration full of some of the most successful business people ever assembled, led by one whose business acumen is unquestioned. Judging by President Trump’s first week in office, we will witness once and for all if the principles of business can bring to government a new wave of growth and progress, sweeping up with it the hopes and dreams of all Americans, rich and poor, black, brown and white.

Trump says he is going to make America “wealthy” again. We can all agree that there is nothing wrong with that, providing everybody’s fortunes are positively affected.

The war against business is hopefully coming to an end. We are about to discover there is nothing like a good job to make every American feel great again.

Don Roberts is a veteran broadcaster, writer and political consultant. He has served Augusta as a city councilor at-large, charter commission vice chairman and utilities district treasurer.

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