In 2016, I ran for state representative for House District 79, which contains China, Albion, Unity Plantation and most of Benton. The voters re-elected Timothy Theriault. During his campaign, Theriault cited jobs, taxes, advocating for seniors and veterans, and protecting the Second Amendment as priorities. During this session he is sponsoring five bills, none of which has much, if anything, to do with his campaign priorities. They involve tree specialists, left-hand turns at red traffic lights, game confiscated by the state, municipal accountability of funding for volunteer fire departments, and proposing funding for the “restoration” of China Lake.

The China Lake bill (L.D. 55, “An Act to Provide Funding for the Restoration of China Lake”) would charge a fee to customers of the Kennebec Water District. The bill contains no definition of “restoration” and no explanation for how much it would cost, how the lake would be “restored,” how long the fee would be assessed, who would collect and spend it, how long it would take for restoration, why the customers of the district would have to pay for it, and who would be responsible for oversight.

What are Theriault’s real priorities and where is the legislation to support them? Few politicians want the public to have a complete picture of their actions and inactions. Most show and tell us what they want us to believe. Now, more than ever, we need to hold our government officials accountable.

John Glowa

South China

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