This newspaper, the day after the inauguration, was all anti-Trump, gloom and doom.

To read this, one would think this represents the common feeling throughout our country. But look at the election results for each county across America — blue islands in a large sea of red. Trump nailed it! Look back in 2008 and 2012, absolute coverage, pro-Obama with hardly a mention of the other side. Is there any wonder the biased media is so mistrusted? Hillary Clinton spent three times more money campaigning than Donald Trump, while then-President Barack Obama campaigned for months, at taxpayer expense, for Hillary, while the liberal media greased their way.

Election results showed that America was fed up with eight years of erosion and denial. Obama’s $832 billion infrastructure job stimulus melted away into pro-Obama “special interests.” Then the 2016, $1.7 billion to Iran, with another $400 million, ransom to a country that shouts, “Death to all Americans.”

Clinton’s loss caused a media meltdown, asking, How could this happen? It sure couldn’t have been Hillary’s illegal servers, deleted emails or the Benghazi tragedy. Typical Democrats, they had to blame someone. They, and the media, blamed Wikileaks and Russia. The media hardly ever mentions the September 2016 Chinese hack of Yahoo, or Russian and China cyberattacks on our military and electrical grids.

In July 2013, Chelsea Manning was court-martialed for treason, found guilty, and sentenced to 35 years for stealing thousands of classified documents, then releasing them through Wikileaks. These leaks compromised American military operations. Obama pardoned her last week. How about Bowe Berghdahl being charged with treason after Obama’s prisoner swap of five high-ranking Taliban officers? Are these simple media oversights? I’m proud to be American, and finally, a leader who is too. America first!

Harold Bigelow