WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center has announced its second-quarter honor roll for the 2016-17 academic year.

Students from Lawrence, Messalonskee, Waterville Senior, Winslow high schools and Temple Academy attend MMTC.

Automotive Collision Repair — high honors: Brockton Dostie, LHS.

Honors: Jacob Bickford, Benjamin Curtis, Gunner McAllister, Joseph Poulin, Nicholas Poulin, Mitchell Rolfe and G. B. Prescott Tilton-Flood, all of LHS; Christopher Hodgdon, of MHS; and Cathryn Fyfe and Cameron LaChance, both of WHS.

Automotive Technology — honors: Joshua Dow and Seth Lane, both of LHS; Cameron Bickford, Nicholas Levesque, Daryn Morris, Jared Thorne and Natasha Warren, all of MHS; Joel Williams, of WSHS; and Bailey Davis, of WHS.

Construction Technology — high honors: Adam Fernald, of LHS; Benjamin Bard, Adam Fisher, Carl Frost, Connor Mayberry, Logan Poissonnier and Jacob Washburn, all of MHS; and Tristan Hotham and Christopher Jacques, both of WHS.

Honors: Thomas Kenney, of LHS; Ian Douin and Keegan Poulin, both of MHS; Jesse Clement, of TA; and Morgan Theriault and Jacob Varney, both of WHS.

Culinary Arts — high honors: Michael Viens, of MHS; and Damon Beck, Tyrone Giger, Rebecca Oakes, Gabriel Rowe, all of WSHS.

Honors: Taylor Allen, Courtney Day and Cynthia Falk, all of LHS; Mariah Bernard and Mark Philbrick, both of MHS; Aspen Bedard, Taylor Cassiani, Theresa Lamanteer, Traci Lamanteer, Hailey Singh, Chantelle Thomas, all of WSHS; and Carter Bradford, of WHS.

Criminal Justice — high honors: John Hedio, Brandon Hill and Shelby Stanley, all of LHS; and Sebastian Kinrade-Bristol and Owen Williams, both of WHS.

Honors: Zachary Nadeau, Shaina Nalley, Dawson Poulin and Charles Scamman, all of MHS; Gawain Cain, Andrew Gifford and Amber Hill, all of WSHS; and Jenna-Leigh Kaufman, of WHS.

CTE Academy — high honors: Kevin Trask, of MHS; and Jared Goss, of WHS.

Honors: Odessa Russell, of WSHS; and Timothy Boucher, of WHS.

Early Childhood Education — high honors: Ashley Collins and Victoria Shea, both of MHS; Madison Foster and Courtney Gendreau, both of WSHS; and Marissa Carpenter, of WHS.

Honors: Taylor Gulasky and Savannah LaVoie, both of LHS; and Djimon Santos and Cheyenne York, both of WHS.

Electrical Technology — honors: Kyle Anderson, Tyler Bard, Evan Fisher, Brody McKenzie and Jayme Poulin, all of LHS; and Jacob Dostie, Terry Lagassey, Nicolas Veilleux and Aaron Young, all of MHS.

Emergency Services — honors: Jamee Cyr and Ashley Leighton, both of LHS; and Nathan Schnee, of WSHS.

Information Technology — high honors: Christopher Audet, Cameron Campbellton and Caleb Poulin, all of LHS; David Hreben and Kai McGlauflin, both of MHS; Cory Briggs and Jacob DeRaps, both of WHS; and Matrim Glazier, Caleb Sutter and Rose Vought, all of WSHS.

Honors: Alex Lancaster, of WSHS.

Medical Careers — high honors: Sophia Quirion, of WSHS; and Grace Drummond, Katelynn Larsen and Dominique Velazquez, all of WHS.

Honors: Abagail Cress, Amia Currie, Sonnie Hippert, Alyssa Labrie, Anna Mattson and Hallee Parlin, all of LHS; Nathan Casey, Megan Fullerton, Zoie Kunkel and Jordyn Lambert, all of MHS; Felicia Grant, Cheyenn Henry and Rebecca Wickman, all of WSHS; and Tate Batey, Emily Manocchio, Courtney Pomeroy, Sarah Stevens and Haley Theberge, all of WHS.

Mass Media Communications — high honors: Alexis Murray, of LHS; Catherine Collier, Robert Moore, Sydney Orcutt, Brayden Paine and Alisha Pearl, all of MHS; Nakia Accilien, Calico Hubiak and James Lauzon, all of WSHS; and Demeka Roderick, of WHS.

Honors: Joshua Stevens, of LHS; Trevor Burrows, Kory Drake, Katelyn Gagne, Paul Maxell, Chandler Quimby and Gavin Tracy, all of WSHS; and Roy Greenleaf, of WHS.

Precision Machining — high honors: Jared Barter, of LHS; Hunter Alexander, Geoffrey Fotter and Delsin Klein, all of MHS; Eli Principato, of TA; and Austin Berry and Jacob Kershner, both of WHS.

Honors: Ethan Carmichael and Riley Parlin, both of LHS; and Patrick Strickland, of WSHS; and Joshua Bisson, Keenan Janeski, Danielle Kaufman, Matthew Phillips and Cory Roy, all of WHS.

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