NORTH ANSON — Carrabec High School recently announced its second-quarter honor roll for the 2016-17 academic year.

Seniors — high honors: Avianna Boucher, Allyn Foss, Evan Gorr, Royce Pena, Samantha Taylor and Sara Taylor.

Honors: Whitney Coro, Dustin Crawford, Taylor Cyrway, McKayla Gray, Paul Kaplan, Mariah Langton, Abigail Longley, Brooklynn Moore, Bobbie Peacock, Sophia Tsimekles and Emily Witham.

Juniors — high honors: Rhiannon Ambrose, Jacob Atwood, Bailey Dunphy, Samantha LeBeau, Katrina Mason and Sierra Turcotte.

Honors: Kelsey Creamer, Kaitlin Dixon, Patrick Dube, Ariana-Lee Dunton, Mackenzie Edes, Daryl Foss, Courtney Fuller, Michael Hargreaves and Jackson Lawler-Sidell.

Sophomores — high honors: Lilyana Aloes, Tristan Bachelder, Lillian Johnson and Sidney Small.

Honors: Lauren Chestnut, Lindsay Lesperance, Lauren Rafferty, Haley Taylor and Makayla Vicneire.

Freshmen — high honors: Skylar Karr and Scott Mason.

Honors: Emily Avery, Cassidy Ayotte, Annika Carey, Jacob Copeland, Caitlin Crawford, Shay Cyrway, Dylan Leach and Abby Richardson.

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