FAIRFIELD — Kennebec Valley Community College recently announced the following students were named to its 2016 fall sester dean’s list.

Amanda J. Doucette, Kelly M. Dow, Cameron B. Harkins, Adriana A. Killam, Dana A. Nelson and Derrick M. Waugh, all of Albion; Samantha K. Howard and Bianca M. Libby, both of Anson; Joan S. Fox, of Athens.

Also, Camden A. Bryant, Cody Cogswell, Amanda L. Davis, Stephanie C. Dutil, Samantha J. Gayton, Kaleb J. Glidden, Tisha L. Lewis, Rebecca A. Parsons, Blake R. Redimarker, Jordan T. Roes and Wendie R. Stewart, all of Augusta; Kate P. Goodness, of Bangor; Heather Bryant, of Bath; Curt R. Eynon, Michelle A. Kelly and Simone G. Pelletier, all of Belfast.

Also, Bridget L. Wadleigh, of Belgrade; Brittany E. Bickford, Jasmine R. Bumps, Shannon M. Egan, Amanda K. Gheorghe, Anthony S. Levasseur, Benjamin I. Main, Margo H. Mayhew, Randall D. Richards and Kayla A. Spencer, all of Benton; Jeffrey J. McKenzie, of Bingham; Jaime L. Bennett, Cassie M. Carpenter and Hayle A. Grover, all of Brooks.

Also, Laura J. Rand, of Brownfield; Mariah M. Child and Benjamin S. Wolf, both of Brunswick; Anthony A. Maguire, of Bucksport; Hattie E. Bickford, Hannah C. Dodson, Sonya L. Dodson and Eric N. Leighton, all of Burnham; Rebecca A. Ramsdell, of Calais; Victoria S. Anderson and Chase L. Winn, both of Camden.

Also, Kimberly L. Baker, Maria L. Dodge, Rylee M. Jackson, Mandalyn J. Keaten, Rylie E. Marshall and Kelly Y. Ramsdell, all of Canaan; Charles B. Houghton, of Carthage; Matthew J. Anderson, of Chelsea; Wyatt C. Tash, of Chester; Brandon L. Choate and Hanna J. Keene, both of China.

Also, Tyler E. Clifford, Taylor J. Constable, Sarah J. Fallon, Kayla F. Fournier, Samantha B. LaCroix, Crystal D. Langley, Ma Diana A. Nelson, Ashley A. Perry, Seth Powers and Jerry M. Shea, all of Clinton; Megan L. Clukey and Kelsey M. Kerstetter, both of Corinna.

Also, Whitney A. Blanchet, Melissa A. Kelly and Kristin E. Smart, all of Cornville; Derickson W. Tensen, of Cumberland; Dennis L. Simmons, of Cushing; Slade K. Emery, of Detroit; Tammy E. Hill, Mariah L. Hughes-Korst and Kimberly L. Polichak, all of Dexter.

Also, Christina M. Erskine, of Dixmont; Nicholas J. Decker and Sabrina O. Sharrow, both of Dover Foxcroft; Neely A. Adams and Normand B. Roberge, both of Ellsworth; Kelly A. Baker, Carroll I. Chapman and Wendy S. Sincyr, all of Embden.

Also Connor B. Albers, Kelly A. Barnes, Mikala N. Dickson, Heather L. Drew-Clark, Baylee M. Dugal, Crystal M. Dunphy, Keith E. Giles, Ariel M. Giroux, Nathan I. Leathers, Mamie R. Matthews, Patience L. McKeen, Robert E. Moody, Lori A. Pierce, Heidi L. Pontbriand, Nathan L. Richardson, Rowan L. Saucier, Racheal L. Soucy, Kenneth R. Stewart-Williams, Jordan P. Sullivan, Javae L. Wood and Katherine A. Wood, all of Fairfield.

Also, Brianna D. Caruthers and Tyler J. Veilleux, both of Farmingdale; Daniel J. Hunter and Andrew A. Trask, both of Farmington; Holly A. Hogan, Andrea V. Jordan and Megan K. Nickless, all of Gardiner; Julia R. Supp, of Garland.

Also, Joseph M. Menard, of Gladstone, Michigan; Jesse A. Williams, of Greene; Haylee E. Williams, of Guilford; John N. Beeckel, Camilla S. Jones and Amber Oberle, all of Hallowell; Kalvin W. Vogel, of Hampden; Mychaela R. Denbow, of Harmony; Benjamin M. Strout, of Hartford.

Also, Jennifer M. Bryson, Nathan L. Chambers, Priscilla M. Chambers, Earl T. Gray, Liandra G. Hewins, Theresa A. Lary, Jessie M. Macdaid and Christine J. Shibles, all of Hartland; Jean Howard, of Industry; Selby A. Risner, of Iron City, Tennessee; Jocelyn E. Hoyt, of Jackman; Alan M. Ayers; Anthony N. Bell and Barry J. Heath, all of Jefferson.

Also, Brittnay Markes, of Joint Base MDL, New Jersey; Megan M. Thompson, of Knox; Joseph P. Petrin, of Leeds; April L. Randall, of Levant; Thomas W. Worster, of Lincoln; Noah D. Frankenhauser, of Lincolnville; Melissa N. LeDuc, of Lisbon; Jennifer Byron and Emily M. Ouellette, both of Livermore; Alan D. Chretien, of Livermore Falls.

Also, Brandon M. Cates, Ashley M. Clement, Christopher R. Estes, Corey S. Estes, Ryan C. Flematti, T Edward R. Gower, Samuel D. Harper, Dorene R. Jackman, Emily A. Knox, Aaron L. LeBlanc, Olivia M. Nichols, Russell L. Oliver, Damien M. Santiago, Coburn W. Sargent and Angela L. Turcotte, all of Madison.Spencer C. Diou-Cass, of Manchester; Stephanie C. Bates, of Mechanic Falls.

Also, Ryal L. Gove, of Mercer; Bryel J. Marston, of Monmouth; Krista M. Ryan, of Montville; Emily M. Ames, of Moscow; Andrew M. White, of Mount Vernon; Joshua M. Deraspe, Katrina A. Simpson and Brittany M. Woods, all of New Sharon; Sharon P. Dearborn, Rhonda L. Frye, Anthony T. Gonzalez, Emily Stetson and Kylie J. Wilson, all of Newport.

Also, Luke J. Jillings, Michael H. Keister, John G. Krasnavage, Timothy J. Lyman, Devin J. McGlashing, Ethan J. Poissonnier, Brian T. Shields, Drew A. Wyman, Paige M. Cahill, Mary Caron, Carol J. Paul, Tyler E. Pinkham and Alexander D. Walz, all of North Anson.

Also, Mary K. Banker, of North Vassalboro; Dominique M. Hutchins, of Norway; Hannah R. Bourgoin, Sierra M. Ingalls-Rasar, Michael J. Malone, Natasha M. Manson, Colby R. McPherson, Tyler A. Pellerin, David A. Pullen, Kimberly J. Sherman, Randi P. Stefanizzi, Alexandria K. Taylor and Davis J. Warren, all of Oakland.

Also, Jeffrey R. Dyer and Joseph C. Seigars, both of Palermo; James N. Cowan, of Palmyra; Sydney M. Caldwell, of Phillips; Pamela J. Albert, Kayla M. Braley, Ronda J. Connolly, Jayde S. Frost, Stephanie E. Hayden, Rebecca A. Hinsch, Miranda E. Kuespert, Martin E. Mann, Brianne L. Moody and Carol L. Sinclair, all of Pittsfield; Erica D. Anderson, Stefanie J. Johansen and Kristina M. LaChance, all of Pittston.

Also, Christopher J. Irish and Benjamin D. Richardson, both of Plymouth; Robin H. Booker Destiny N. Cyr, Michelle R. Doody and Aileen E. Peterson, all of Presque Isle; Brent L. Brockway, of Readfield; Jamie L. Gronwald, both of Readfield; Tayler N. Bushey, of Richmond; Lacey L. Harding, of Ripley; James R. Vicnaire, of Saint Albans; Louise A. Lowell, of Searsport.

Also, Caleb W. Bean, Edwin F. Maheu, Teresa A. Sinclair, Jennifer A. Smith and Catherine J. Wyatt, all of Sidney; Corrine N. Chase, Caleb Frati, Anne M. Madore, Julia A. Meade, Nathan R. Merry, Rebecca A. Mosier, Jessica L. Page, Wyatt R. Perkins, John Poulin, Selene L. Spivak, Rebecca A. Stubbs and Alison A. Watts, all of Skowhegan.

Also, Emma D. Downing, Laurie B. Landry and Nathan R. Landry, all of Smithfield; Robert C. Grygiel, of South Portland; Jessica A. Theberge, of Starks; Heather L. Grindle, of Stetson; Acadia R. Jerome and Cassandra A. Jerome, both of Topsham; Chris A. Phillippe and Nathan D. Wren, both of Troy.

Also, James M. Blanchette, Sharon M. Coolen, Constance L. Hubbard, Brooke C. Ryan and Gary C. Welch, all of Unity; Mary L. Brochu, Amanda L. Burke, Margaret K. Edes, Hailey P. Greene, Shane McNear and Dameron J. Rodrigue, all of Vassalboro; Rebecca E. Linder and Lila R. Myers, both of Vienna; Raena A. Trojano Penney, of Waldo; Mitchell C. Cummings, of Walpole.

Also, Jamison Q. Amara, Allen L. Bernier, Beth M. Byron, Makita W. Champagne, Alex P. Chapman, Ryan J. Chenevert, Crystal L. DeVogt, Joshua K. Dyer, Michael W. French, Carla E. Higgins, Kyle J. Howard, Jamie L. Maroon, Michael C. O’Brien, Katie E. Rittall, Emma M. Rushton and Emma G. Vieta, all of Waterville; Carol P. Acedo, of Whitefield; Jan M. Collins, Lynn M. Legare, Cindy M. Naaykens, Hannah N. Neal and Ashley L. Sweetser, all of Wilton; Alexandra P. James, of Windsor.

Also, Robert E. Adametz, Julie A. Belanger, BreAl A. Dumais, Troy D. Ellis, Bethanie M. Farr, Siena E. Fitzpatrick, Sierra L. Joler, Chantelle R. Mason, Chester K. Nelson, Denasia M. Peavey, Ashley E. Pooler, Joseph W. Rossignol and Erika J. Schroeder, all of Winslow; Rachael L. Froom, Bradley R. Griffin and Elizabeth J. Sylvester, all of Winthrop.

To earned a place on the dean’s list students have achieved a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher while carrying 9 credit hours or more for the sester.

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