ORONO — The University of Maine recently announced the following local students were named to the 2017 fall semester dean’s list:

Daniel Heard, of Albion; Lanie Howes and Jacob Johnson, both of Athens; and David Audet, Katelyn Bilodeau, Dallas Clark, Luke Dang, Brandon Emerson, Elisha Glusker, Mckenzie Green, Josie Heath, Lauren Hubbard, Courtney King, Jacob Poland, Olivia Rancourt, Nicholas Seile and Liam Stokes, all of Augusta.

Also, Lucia Guarnieri, Sawyer Michaud, Josiah Paradis, Ryan Scott, Jill Twist, all of Belgrade; Alexa Frame, of Belgrade Lakes; Jack Brannigan, Christopher Daggett, Brandon Tardiff and Kasidy Turgeon, all of Chelsea; and Aaron Brown, Hannah Stetson and Lilla Tilton-Flood, all of Clinton.

Also Brianna Ballard and Olivia Shaw, both of Detroit; David Austin, Paige Belanger, Bailey Carter, Josie Champagne, Zachary Hale, Trevor Hamblet, Paige Hanson, Samantha King, Alex Leathers, Joseph Leclair, Ciera Poulin and Taylor Rolfe, all of Fairfield; Marissa Smith, of Farmingdale; Alex Black, Natalie Harmon, Gretchen Krout and Olivia Swimm, all of Fayette; and Brianna DeSoto and Hannah Morgan, both of Gardiner.

Also, Jarod Dye, Adam Fullmer, Shanay Gilbert, Anna Hodgkins and Samuel Shepherd, all of Hallowell; Jacob Sinclair, Jacob Stutzman and Arend Thibodeau, all of Harmony; Patrick Burr, Kestrel D’Antilio, Lydia Elwell and Makenzie Wheeler, all of Hartland; Evan Worster, of Jackman; and Brady Andrews and Amanda Bloss, both of Litchfield.

Also, Seth Dillon and Justin Hadley, both of Madison; Kelsey Broad, Caden Brown, Melissa Garand, Sydney Green, Tyler Lang, Mary-Margaret Manley, Benjamin McLaughlin, all of Manchester; Emily Greaney and Megan Hooper, both of Mercer; and Dana McNally, of Moose River.

Also, Brandon Goff, Kaitlyn Kerrigan, Angus Koller, Hayden Koller, Anna Kulinski, Amy Lamore, Brianna Mosher, Benjamin Robichau, Paul Ruopp, Jacob Stevens and Benjamin Woodman, all of Monmouth; Dylan Belanger, of Moscow; Lily Bragg, of Mount Vernon; and Kaelie Merrill, of Norridgewock.

Also, Kaylee Bates, Jessica Holz, Forest LeBlanc, Benjamin Schaff, Joshua Schaff, Cody Stevens, James Stevens, Katherine Swenson and Allan Walsh, all of Oakland; Connor Kreider and Ryan LaGross, both of Palmyra.

Also, Gavrielle Enriquez, Emma McWilliams, Cassandra Miller, Braden Monteyro, Anna Olsen, Brittany Seekins and Jamie Wone, all of Pittsfield; Bradley Bailey, Andrew Moran and Matthew St. Jarre, all of Randolph; and Kaitlyn Chick, Taylor Cray, Mitchell Fellows, Grace Kavanah, Eleanor Nazar and Ashley Russell, all of Readfield.

Also, Katherine Miller, of Rockwood; Lillian DeLisle and Julia Schnee, both of Rome; Abigail Weigang, of Shawmut; and Kyle Bernier, Cameron Dick, Soren Donisvitch, Taylor Lenentine, Christopher Longley, Kathryn Mercier, Haleigh Moran, Daniel Paradis, Amy Pinkham, Taylor Poissonnier, Walker Thomas and Gerren Welch, all of Sidney.

Also, Maria Beaulieu, Rebecca Bell, Cassidy Clement, Nicolette Curran, Brooke Curtis, Matthew Kay and Alanna Luther, all of Skowhegan; Amanda Joy, Eben Lenfest and Tanner Towle, all of Smithfield; Brandon Dixon, of Solon; and Lilja Bernheim, Emily Deering, Alyssa Gartley, Alton Hawk, Kaitlyn Hayward, James Poulin, Sarah Poulin, Tyler Rollins, Jason Seymour and Katherine Wight, all of South China.

Also, Everett Coulter and Chad Martin, both of Saint Albans; Lauren Heulitt, of The Forks Plantation; and Taylor Bailey, Moriah Cloutier, Nicholas Gayer, Sarah Pleau, Jeffrey Pulver and Nathaniel Trask, all of Vassalboro.

Also, Alan Baez, Rachael Bergeron, Alexander Danner, Sage Duguay, Ryan Lopes, Morgan Pellerin, Nicole Pinnette, Waleed Rahmatullah, James Robe, Amy Samson, Allison Scully, Todd Serbent and Brittany Tiner, all of Waterville; and Kristin Cosgrove, Dylan Haskell, Justin Ladner, Hannah Luken and Olivia Turner, all of West Gardiner.

Also, Jordan Bowie and Emma Wilkinson, both of Windsor; Cody Doughty, Hunter McCaslin, Karlee Price, Sierra Savage, Rachel Sirois, Gabriel Smith, Jacob Trask and Aysha Vear, all of Winslow; and Lauren Kaiser, Robert Owens, Jessica Scott and Aaron St. Pierre, all of Winthrop.

Students achieving dean’s list honors completed 12 or more credit hours in the semester and earned a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher.