The University of Maine at Augusta recently announced the following students were named to the 2016 fall semester full-time dean’s list.

Androscoggin County

Cherise Letourneau, Mohamed Mohamed, Megan Therrien, Penny Tozier and Mikayla Welch, all of Auburn; Dominique Herman, of Greene; Heather-Lyn Worth, of Leeds; Kassandra Alimandi, Naomi Cadman, Miranda Dixon, Michael Hamm, Cheryl Hann, Dan Ireland and Sarah Starkey, all of Lewiston; Hayley Doyen, of Livermore; Marcea Crawford and Heather Bronish, all of Livermore Falls; Amanda Emery, of Mechanic Falls; Joshua Allaire and Jennifer Fusco and April Thrasher, all of Turner.

Aroostook County

Ashley Drinkall, of Caribou; Jessica Chasse, Abigail Theriault, both of Connor Twp; Ashlee Lawlor, of Dyer Brook; Janice Glidden, of Hammond; Danielle Sylvain, of Hodgdon; Dawn Denbow, Emily Hanson, Jacob Jones, Jonathan McQuarrie and Danielle Thibodeau, all of Houlton; Noah Jacques, of Littleton; Timothy Cook, of Monticello; Shania Gagnon, of Van Buren.

Cumberland County

Ann Wagner, of Bridgton; Lindsey Andelman, Michael Barry, Patricia Brown, Susan Crosby, Aerin Johnson, Jordan Johnson, Brynn McKay, Cara Mia and Michelle Small, all of Brunswick; Michael Robinson, of Falmouth; Rachel Ruel, of Harrison; Melissa Robertson, of New Gloucester; Henri Bizindavyi, Julie Lawson and Glenn Simpson, all of Portland; Jonathan Call, of Scarborough; Taliesin Amero and Deirdra Brown, both of Windham.

Franklin County

Jessica Savage, of Avon; Sharon Doray, of Chesterville; Benjamin Bailey, Stacy Latham and Devin Phelps, all of Farmington; Michaela Hutchinson, of Industry; Benjamin Hitchcock and Ericka Tidmore, both of Kingfield; Danielle Wilbur, of Phillips; Eunice McLaughlin, of Strong; Patrick Carlton, of Wilton.

Hancock County

Elizabeth Smith, of Bucksport; Jadyn LaDeau, of Deer Isle; Jaymee Webber, of Eastbrook; Chantelle Fitzsimmons, Renee Mozeliak and Carly Spear, all of Ellsworth; Nathan Eisworth, of Franklin; Malerie Lockhart, of Lamoine; Molly Orcutt, of Orland; Rachelle Bell, of Penobscot; John Ferrill and Anna Stockman, both of Southwest Harbor; Linda Shepard, of Stonington; Kaylee Bouchard, of Waltham.

Kennebec County

Aaminah Aleem, Fatimah Aleem, Courtney Allen, Christeena Billings, Élise Bolduc, Cassie Bouton, Carmen Bragg, Nicholas Bragg, Kyle Brooks, Manon Christien Brianna Daley, Nolwen Delmas, Anna DeMerchant, Dakota Douglas, Michael Emerson, Robert Foss, Christopher Hall, Noah Hoffman, Jay Joslyn, Jason Kengott, Rayna Knight, Pierre Laot, Anthony Lavertu, Jennifer Lavertu, Krista Lee, Anthony Lopatosky, Roger Mackbach, Jordan Marsters, Evan Martin, Kelly Martineau, Christina McIntyre, Lian Oyerbides, Savanna Poulin, Zachary Pulsifer, Elsa Romagny, Jackson Smith, Meghan Stetson-Bartlett, Shelby-Lynn Tobey and Dale Varnum, all of Augusta; Bradley Bickford, Jamie Dionne and Darlene Herbert, all of Belgrade; Caitlyn Michaud and Hailey Taker, both of Chelsea; Matthew Buck, Skyler Gray, Michael Hollander, Jilliane Johnson, Courtney Koller and Marc Weymouth, all of Clinton; Jordyn Poulin, of Fairfield; Jared Bernier, Maggie Coffin, Susan Crawford, Amanda Dube, Abigail Ham-Thompson, Megan Kenyon, Daniel Ouellette, Katy Owen, Christopher Pester, Rosalia Rodriguez-Bumpus and Lexi Van Winkle, all of Gardiner; Emily Edgecomb, Torey Jones, Haley McPherson, Abbey Slinker and Eli Trask, all of Hallowell; Bailey Smith, of Kents Hill; Patrick Caskin, Megan McGrother and Katherine Slattery-Seaman, all of Litchfield; Gregory Hall, Taylor McFarland, Hannah McLaughlin and Nathan Parker, all of Manchester; Autumn Althenn and Melissa Phair, both of Oakland; Mariah Basinger, Rhiannon Choate, Shana Jackson, Jessie Kendall, Tori MacDougall and Kasey Stanley, all of Pittston; Jonathon Lawrence, of Readfield; Donald Cole, Kyle Gleason, Alexander Miller, Arik Ross, Rebecca Warren and Carolyn Winchenbach, all of Sidney; Peggy Breault, Hannah Bridges, Katherine Buzzell, Jordan Fitch, Alaina Murray and Heather Seigars, all of South China; Bonnie Nichols and Tyler Salley, both of South Gardiner; Mary Margaret Libby, of Vassalboro; Sarah Allmendinger, Shandra Andrews, Dorothy Bolduc, Bethany Clayton, Sadie Donovan, Thomas Galarneau, Holly Gerard, Jessica Morton, Ariel Roy and Forest Taber-Grotton, all of Waterville; Charlotte MacDonald and Cara Madore, both of West Gardiner; Regan Casey and Jessica Rollins, both of Windsor; Jillian Grant and Sara Pullen, both of Winslow; Elizabeth Bellegarde, Tambrey Gile, Abigail Helm, Caitlin LaFountain, Cameron MacMillan, Madison McCarthy, Raven Parker, Betty St. Hilaire and Christopher Staples, all of Winthrop.

Knox County

Molly Kelley, of Appleton; Molly Brosnan, Douglas Lord and Carolyn Sauck, all of Camden; Rachel Robinson and Makaye Stone, both of Cushing; Chandler Barter and Francis Coletti, both of Friendship; Eric Jones, of Hope; William Kelly and Therese O’Hara, both of Owls Head; Nathaniel Boggs, Elizabeth Brown, Jennifer Dostie-Stewart, Kaitlyn Fernands, Marissa Heal, Erik Jackson, Shane Lavoie, Alyssa Northup, Myles Ouellette, Carrie Sachse and Karissa Sachse, all of Rockland; Violet Bemis, Stephanie Colson and Chase Macioch, both of Rockport; Alexis Davis, of Saint George; Keariel Peasley, of South Thomaston; Gordon Garnett, Tabbitha Johnston, Alayna Joyce and Ashely Wiggins, all of Thomaston; Renee Flanders, of Union; Michael Bailey, Dustin Carpenter, Devin Charest, Terrence Costa, Brian Danaher, Dorian Guerin, Eric Hafford, Ryan Hopkins, Sheldon Hopkins, Michael Kidd, Jeffrey LaGasse, Mathiew Loisel Nicholas Lowell, Shawn Merrill, Steve Pomeroy, Daniel Porter, Anthony Pratt, Bob Ryder, Chad Slimm, Derwin Springer, Troy Tibbetts, Ryan Verrill and Jeremiah Young, all of Warren; Rory McCaffery, of Washington.

Lincoln County

Emily Carroll, Reilly Kane and Rachel King, all of Boothbay; Jennifer Delano, of Jefferson; Nicole Mahoney, of New Harbor; Nichole Brackett and Travis Carrigan, both of Newcastle; Emily Spofford, of Trevett; Patricia Carriere, Zachary Melvin and Luke Myers, all of Waldoboro; Benjamin Garthoff, Hurley Howell, Rebeccah Smith and Rebekah Spencer, all of Whitefield; Abigail Austin, Amanda Rithman and Nicole Taylor, all of Wiscasset.

Oxford County

Savannah Clough and Jamie Russell, both of Bethel; Marianne Young, of Carthage; Grace Hebert and Amelia Tacheny, both of Dixfield; Tia Sprague, of Greenwood; Tiffany Labbe, of Hartford; Denielle Jones, of Mexico; Maria Brown, of Norway; Aleks Krastins, of Oxford; Ashley Kenney, Daniel Richard and Teresa York, all of Rumford; Diana Davis and Kyle Straiton, both of South Paris; Bryanne Starbird, of Waterford; Laura Abbott, of West Paris.

Penobscot County

Amber Clukey, of Brewer; Kelsey Best, Mathew Bragg, Haley Brown, Brandi Celino, Mallory Chadbourne, Emily Day, Traci Flaster, Elisia Gamlin, Kelly Gould, Elizabeth Hagerman, Richard Hewes, Aylah Ireland, Jenny Jellison, Amy Jones, Emerson Jones, Alyssa Keezer, Jason Ludden, Sarah Martin, Jacob Moore, Bailey Parent, Cody Phair, Joseph Plourde, Thomas Richmond, Corey Slater, Bethany Smith, Sarah Spade, Lisa Stawarz-Gagne, Ian Stewart, Jeremy Tanis, Karyssa Upham and Jessica Walsh, all of Bangor; Brianna Stoddard, of Bradford; Erin Chabe, of Bradley; Justin Ambrose, Ashley Clukey, Jacob Decesere, Cynthia Dinardo, Richele Grenier, Ali Karim, Crystal Karim, Amanda O’Donnell, Kelli Okyere, Crystal Pomroy and Kelsey SanAngelo, all of Brewer; Peter Parsons and Andrea Robinson, both of Carmel; Brandi Cossar, of Corinna; Amy Bickerstaff, Kelly Ireland, Emily Oko and Morgan Saunders, all of Corinth; Sabrina Tatseos, of Dexter; Chelsea Hardy, of Dixmont; Laura Jordan, of East Newport; Gretchen Currie, of Eddington; Cameron Arcidi, of Etna; Katherine Thomas, of Garland; Brandi-Jo Dewitt, Vivian Perreault and Zachary Thompson, all of Glenburn; Daniel Prygrocki and Michael Williams, both of Greenbush; Samantha Bowler, Courtney Dufresne, Erin Simpson and Megan Sommers, all of Hampden; Jennifer Alley, Joslin Ford, Aaron Gibbs, Hannah Smith, James Umble and Megan Whitney, all of Hermon; Suzanne McLay, of Kenduskeag; Nicole Ciulla, of Lee; Teresa Daly and Jasmine St. Pierre, both of Levant; Jamey House, Jamie Kemper and James Sutherland, all of Lincoln; Paul Coover, of Medway; Alana Boisvert, of Milford; Scott Leavitt, Lorrie Nadeau and Lily Young, all of Millinocket; Tonya Bartlett, Kimberly Dunham and Courtney Dunton, all of Newburgh; Erin Chadbourne, Maria Demchak and Drew Graves, all of Newport; Amy Cossar, Christina Demmons, Danielle Gray, Zachary Levesque, Benje Oliver, Aaron Pinkham, Rhianna Russell, April Sawyer and Gabrielle Willette, all of Old Town; Tyson Bailey, Jennifer Cyr, Briana Field, Pamela Frace, Sarah Gagnon, Stacy Gunning, David L’Heureux, Staci Linnell, Alicia Nejako and Benjamin Rose, all of Orono; Raelene Bouchard, Dusty Hillman and Christy Ruhlin, all of Orrington; Julie Buhler, of Patten; Candace Roy, of Plymouth; Jenifer Adams and Kassandra Ugro, both of Stetson; Ashley Harnden, of Veazie; Tiffani Rideout, of Winn.

Piscataquis County

Tucker Dow, Brittany Robinson and Brianna Viera, all of Dover Foxcroft; Samantha Dwelley and Kaylie Savage, both of Milo; Josie Knowles, of Sangerville.

Sagadahoc County

Matthew Bloomer and Tiffany Bowman, both of Bath; Alyssa Rollins, of Bowdoinham; Matthew Carter, Alissa Coulombe, Elise Faris and Jamie Plummer, all of Richmond; Billie-Lee Sullivan, of Topsham; of Bradley Weil, of West Bath; Hallie Johnston, of Woolwich.

Somerset County

Jennifer Snowman, of Canaan; Tori Dyer and Patricia Ouellette, both of Cornville; Wendy Rolfe, of Detroit; Patrick Daubenberger, of Embden; Mellissa Arroyo and Lydia Mather, both of Fairfield; Danny Chambers and Joanna Peatfield-Patterson, both of Harmony; Nathan Michaud, of Hartland; Xzavier LeBlanc and Sarah Sinclair, both of Madison; Beau Mercier, of Norridgewock; Brittany Rogers and Jessica Sales, both of North Anson; Jennifer Bradley, Shawna Call, Elizabeth Carrier, Jeffrey Heskett and Kathleen Reheuser, all of Palmyra; Christina May, Walter Reuter, Jennifer Therrien, Philip Walden and Melissa Wone, all of Pittsfield; Cassandra Connor, of Saint Albans; Heather Elkins, of Shawmut; Rylie Blanchet, Rebecca Chretien, Gretchen Clark, Michele McGowan and David Sincyr, all of Skowhegan; Robin Cochrane-Crane, Omie Dove and Erica Wheeler, all of Solon.

Waldo County

Monicque Deschamps, Heather Marlow, Cassandra Thayer and Lael Williams, all of Belfast; Elizabeth Heal, of Lincolnville; Monica Gilbert and Jessica Grant, both of Palermo; Jennifer Bennett, of Prospect; Melissa Harding, of Searsmont; Melanie Hieter, of Searsport; Joshua Roberts, of Unity; Sierra Roberts, of Waldo; Tiffani Donlin, Hannah Hood and Sasha St Louis, all of Winterport.

Washington County

Sammi Gray, of Addison; Jasmine Boone-Batchelder, of Eastport; Sierra Moore, of Pleasant Point; Amanda Khederian, of Steuben; Quincy Vail, of Vanceboro.

York County

Ashley Nadeau-Belanger, of Biddeford; Austin Joyce, of Dayton; Sylvia Rhodes, of Hollis Center; Rebekah Higgins, of North Waterboro; Stacy Casvikes, Evan Gilbert and Gabriel Nodarse, all of Saco; Gregory Bingham and Rae-Lynn Ledoux, both of Sanford; Jessica Webber, of Wells.


Durandal Roland, of Hensley, Arizona; Dawna Gallant, of Suprise, Arizona; Bruce Engelfried, of Hayward, California; Janette Ash, of Englewood, Florida; Michelle Ledesma, of Cantonment, Florida; Natalia Jinorio, of Vero Beach, Florida; Monica Bamio-Aparicio, of Hialeah, Florida; Christine Krause, of Hinesville, Georgia; Jennifer Stratford, of Idaho Falls, Idaho; Brandi Lawler, of Lincoln, Illinois; Tess Hurt, of East Moline, Illinois; Thomas Magnuson, of Escanaba, Michigan; Alexis Yocum, of Laconia, New Hampshire; Evelyn Johnston, of Londonderry, New Hampshire; Lisa Taylor, of Astoria, Oregon; Alex Burnett-Hayes, of Georgetown, Texas; Mariah Olinger, of Bumpass, Virginia; Erin Miller, Newport News, Virginia; Marisa Labbe, of Milton, Vermont.


Brittany Reul, of Mannheim, BW, Germany.

To be named to the dean’s list, a student must earn a 3.25 grade-point average for a given semester and must be enrolled full-time.

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