I am writing to express the concern I and many other residents of Maine are feeling about the election of Donald Trump, and the detrimental implications that has on our environment.

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan has been put on hold ever since Supreme Court’s stay last spring. Not only are we continually contributing to climate change, we are also stripping the planet of its resources too quickly to be replenished. However, we move even further from our goals as Trump assembles a board of polluters to run crucial agencies to our environmental policy.

Trump has nominated Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, despite his career-long record of attacking the agency and suing to block clean air and clean water safeguards. Although the CPP would lead to an estimated $55 billion in benefits, including avoiding various health issues and climate disasters, Pruitt will likely prevent the EPA from moving forward with the CPP.

Trump’s administration is already acting like making a profit is more important than protecting our environment and citizens. The American people and our legislators must actively resist this dangerous course of action. We need Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to oppose big oil and polluters in office, and protect Maine. Our environment does not have four more years to wait.

Maggie Hamre


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