This past couple of weeks we have seen the horrors and fears most Americans have about a presidency of Donald Trump. This is not about being a neophyte to the political system; rather, it is a very frightening reactionary response from someone whose issues are self-esteem. This is not about left versus right — each of us should fear “alternate facts.”

Our Maine politicians represent Maine and more broadly the Constitution of the United States. They should be just as dismayed as we have been. I have heard from three of our representatives about their disagreements with Trump. However, I’ve heard nothing from Rep. Bruce Poliquin. This is discouraging as I find him to be holding to a pattern similar to our president. The strident way of governing rather than a deliberate review of what transpires in politics is the way he seems to have taken. Poliquin needs to be concerned not about party but rather what is right and just.

Each Maine politician in the state and country has a responsibility. Each represents Maine. Each provides guidance on what we represent as a nation. We cannot just say that Trump is not being polished or he is new to the complexities of running a country. Leaders know their limitations and surround themselves with those who are thoughtful and expert. They surround themselves with voices who may oppose certain policies and work to compromise. I do not see any of this occurring with this administration.

The labels Trump is given is of working for the regular citizen, or of being a rebel. These smack of being naive. Donald Trump does not represent America. He represents his own interests and persona. I call on our politicians and citizens to be speaking out against his policies which are already hurting America.

Jacqueline Fournier

Mount Vernon

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