THE AARP AGE-FRIENDLY Network’s Communication & Information domain provides access to communications technology and other resources so older residents can connect with their community, friends and family.

Part of the Age-Friendly Committee’s mission is to help improve and facilitate communication and the sharing of information for residents of all ages. These articles are just one example of how our committee is working to get information out to the great people of Augusta.

The world we live in today is rich with advancements in technology, allowing us to communicate with each other and receive information instantaneously. We have computers, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices connecting us to the World Wide Web. Which brings us to say, if you haven’t visited us on Facebook already, please head on over to our profile page and give us a “Like.”

You can find us at:

On our Facebook page, managed by two members of the Age-Friendly Committee, you will find current events, ways to engage within the community and a trove of information shared by the Augusta Police Department, City Hall in Augusta, Augusta Public Works, Greater Augusta Utility District, AARP Maine, Spectrum Generations, and other great resources found in and around our city. You can also message our committee with questions or input and get a quick response.

Another great way to reach the Augusta Age-Friendly Committee is by email: [email protected]

Even though we have ways to connect to the Internet, many residents of Augusta still rely on obtaining news and information from sources like the Kennebec Journal, the Good News Gazette, and other print editions available to residents of Augusta and surrounding towns here in central Maine. A recent task in the Age-Friendly Committee’s action plan is to create, publish and share a Resource Guide for Augusta residents to have important numbers and information right at their fingertips. We are working with AARP Maine to make these Resource Guides available to residents in 2017.

Communication and the sharing of information is important to the committee in creating an action plan, meeting goals and getting residents involved in making Augusta a more livable community for all ages. As part of the AARP Age-Friendly Network, we are focusing on eight domains: Outdoor Spaces & Buildings, Transportation, Housing, Social Participation, Respect & Social Inclusion, Civic Participation & Employment, Communication & Information, and Community Health & Support Services.

The Augusta Age-Friendly Committee meets once a month, the first Tuesday of every month, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Augusta City Hall in Conference Room #152. Please, feel free to join us in communicating, gathering information and helping to make Augusta a more livable community.

Sara Grant, a resident of Augusta, is a social worker currently pursuing her master’s degree with a focus on gerontology at the University of New England. Sara is an active member of Augusta’s Age-Friendly Committee. This column is the sixth in a series of eight to highlight the Augusta Age Friendly Committee.

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