Once again, our ill-informed, tell-it-like-it-is governor has managed to wedge both feet in his mouth. This time his target is the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft. The governor says he doesn’t like the Patriots because of the way Mr. Kraft does business, like backing out of his deal to move the Pats to Hartford, Connecticut.

As usual, the governor doesn’t let the facts get in the way of his blind ignorance; he just lobs a grenade and moves on. As reported in Sports Illustrated, Mr. Kraft exercised the opt-out clause of his contract when it became clear that the Connecticut site would prove too expensive, not only to himself but also, as pointed out in the article, to the taxpayers of Connecticut.

Imagine that, governor, saving taxpayers money. If the governor doesn’t support the Pats because of “bad business practices,” how does he rationalize his support for Donald Trump? After all, Trump has left a decades long trail of unpaid contractors, disgruntled business partners and unpaid dept. I’d call those “bad business practices.”

His other disagreement stems from the Patriots’ signing of Aaron Hernandez while allegedly knowing he was a “walking time bomb.” It’s called a ticking time bomb, governor, and the Patriots did their due diligence before signing him by thoroughly investigating him and identifying past problems. Do you hold all employers accountable for the misdeeds and crimes committed by their employees? I think not.

Once again, the governor takes what is a joyful and happy occasion for many of us to spout ignorant and uninformed views without realizing his own hypocrisy.

Don’t like or support the Patriots, if you want, governor, but don’t cite these two examples as reasons because they don’t pass the barnyard sniff test.

Randy Wakefield is a resident of Portland.

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