Is that beautiful music I hear? Enchanting tunes from D.C. perhaps? Oh, no, it’s Sen. Susan Collins skillfully playing us again! How could I have been mistaken?

By voting “yes” to send Betsy DeVos’ nomination for secretary of education out to the full floor of the Senate, then deciding to vote “no” in front of the full Senate within 48 hours, Collins once again deceived us all.

A sudden change of heart? A small shred of integrity? Sadly, no, rather a crass political move designed to give Collins political cover without any risk at all. Then she was able feign surprise and claim to be bipartisan and eager to “cross the aisle” while cynically pulling the wool over our eyes.

From her promise to limit her time in the Senate to refusing to hold town meetings to this latest slick move, Collins proves again and again she does not deserve the support, or respect, of Maine voters.

Dori L. Burnham


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