I was really looking forward to the recent home show at the Augusta Civic Center but as of right now I would not accept a home fro m the show if it was given to me. I was prepared , along with another vet, to sign contracts and provide someone with a big paycheck, but I could not get into the homes.

This happened last year and every year the show has been in existence, even after many veterans and disabled individuals called and complained last year. A news station even did an expose and they ensured every home would be accessible for 2017.

I see limitations every single day without really trying hard. I honestly believe Maine is the least accessible state, after all 1 in 10 Mainers are veterans and a large number of us are in wheelchairs, not to mention the many disabled Mainers.

It appears we are going backward in time to the 1950s, when people in wheelchairs were expected to stay away, out of sight. Imagine for a second if you need to get out and see a concert and the venue assured you you can get in, only to find out the venue is not accessible after you have spent money on tickets and parking. People fail to realize we eat, we drink, we wear clothes, we drive — anything you can do we want or need to do but are not able because businesses do not take the time to spend a few dollars to get us in your store.

Ramps can easily and very inexpensively be rented — someone at the home show lost some big bucks. Maybe some business owners in the Capital region will take notice.

Steven S. Brown


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