I am writing to express my concern with the city of Augusta’s either inability or unwillingness to remove snow from the sidewalks during a reasonable period of time after a snow event.

I live along the Capitol end of Western Avenue, and as a pedestrian who cannot afford to take a taxi, must walk to different locations in order to run various errands that support my daily living. Recently, on two separate occasions, I had to walk up Western Avenue towards the Shaw’s supermarket area. Literally, the safest place to walk was directly down the center of the road. This gave me the most clearance from cars and trucks passing on either side, and sometimes only a foot or two.

Augusta is a fairly pedestrian city, and the city’s pedestrians are not even considered during the winter and are placed at considerable risk. During my recent outings, all it would have taken was one distracted driver and I would have been run down. Interestingly enough, during a precarious walk up to the YMCA for a workout, the sidewalks around the Capitol area and Blaine House seemed to be in almost pristine condition.

Timothy Johnson


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