Sometimes it’s the little gestures that mean the most.

I recently stopped in at the Gardiner Cumberland Farms store. While in the store, I used the restroom. When I came out, three people came up to me, saying that a driver had hit my parked car while backing out of a parking space, then sped off.

The cashier on duty immediately called Gardiner police for me. The three witnesses also stepped up. One of them even had the presence of mind to get a license plate number as the driver took off. Two of the witnesses waited with me until police came, and gave him a full account of the collision. Det. Pilsbury was very helpful at the scene, and got back to me with all the information I needed within a couple of hours.

Long story shot — what could have been a frustrating, drawn-out, expensive process was resolved within 24 hours, thanks to these helpful souls. A big thank-you to all who assisted me.

Good Samaritans are alive and well in Gardiner. Thanks to them for caring enough to help.

Susan McCarthy


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