Why are we even talking about “voting security”? In giving credibility to the issue we are not focusing on the reality of voter suppression. Though we fit that concept into the discussion, it is tangential.

Instead we should address the strategy of “win at any cost” of the Republican party. This includes gerrymandering, thus assuring safe voting districts that guarantee congressional representation, and targeting voter populations that vote Democratic by requiring confusing registration processing, limiting voting locations in poor and\or ethnic neighborhoods to an absurd degree, requiring photo identification, and intimidating voters with “poll watchers.”

This to ensure the control of both houses of Congress, the executive branch as well as the Supreme Court. The Republican party, which has always been the political voice of the wealthy and privileged, has now morphed into a militant, homogenous group, combining commercial Darwinism, elitism, xenophobia, fundamental Christianity, and military supremacy into an uber right-wing mob under the umbrella of “conservatism.”

The Republicans have blended the philosophies of Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, George Rockwell, Joe McCarthy, and Strom Thurmond. The Republican party as it is now constituted is a threat to the very foundations of our nation as stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Peter Froehlich


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