I watch as large crowds of people fill halls and meeting places protesting and demanding something from the government. In other words they want to use the government as a weapon to take from you and me. They want to take your liberty to pursue your dreams and live your life. They want to enslave the taxpayers to provide medical care for them.

They want to force doctors to work for the price that they demand, only they leave the doctor out of the equation. No liberty, freedom, or rights for the doctor.

They demand people socially accept their views as normal whether it’s letting your child be exposed to transgender bathrooms or a business being forced to put on a gay wedding.

They demand open borders and expect Americans to pay for social programs for millions who break our laws. They condemn our police as guilty without trial yet demand justice for themselves.

They love to throw out hate speech calling anyone who disagrees with them a bigot or a homophobe. They use race as a weapon to deny any validity to the conservative opinion or thought.

The difference between the tea party and this group of extreme leftists we now have protesting is the tea party wanted nothing from government other than to be left alone. The tea party wanted less taxes, less spending, less laws, more freedom and liberty for all Americans. They wanted government to get out of the way so they could produce.

This group of protesters we have now wants to use government to force its will upon you and future generations. The left’s power comes from dividing Americans. When’s the last time you’ve heard a Democratic politician talk about liberty and personal responsibility?

John Hopkins


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